Friday, 15 January 2016

LBX ORVANE for the New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to my first post of the year.

Just finished the LBX Orvane last night. I made this kit as a Christmas gift for my brother, due to lack of time I wasn't able to finish it on time.

I chose this kit mainly because majority of it's color is green, my brother LOVES GREEN.

SNAPBUILT. LBX Orvane snapbuilt out of the box.
FILLED. The ankle is hollow on the top, so I filled it with putty.

This is just a basic OOB paint build, I even used some of the stickers included.  Just some basic work was done like filling up the cavity-filled areas like the hands, knee and ankle. Everything else are basically the same. I used two shades of green, since the kit uses likewise. 

CLEAR. Gloss-Coated and silver paints inside for shiny effect.
Gloss-coated the clear parts in the head, painted silver under it to have a more shiny effect.

MUDDY. I added some mud weathering on the feet and near the end of the tail.

After all the paintings were done, I weathered the kit. Just some simple edge weathering, then I added some mud-weathering on the feet.

To see more of this kit, jump to my gallery or  click here.

I still have some backlog post to share for kits I've finished since SD NZ 666 Kshatriya Krazytong Custom (early 2014) up to this kit (early 2016). Wow, almost a whole year of backlog. I hope that I can give them individual posts soon.

Thanks for reading. Be back soon......

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